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HZMB Island East / West.

Release time:2016-12-20

Project name:HZMB Island East / West.

Use material:SZG-802

Construction area:100000㎡

Length of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao bridge main project about 35km, undersea immersed tunnel bridge and tunnel combination scheme of 5.99km through the East andWest Island Island tunnel convergence, divided into 163m buried section and 382m section guide. HZMB Island tunnel project is the comprehensive difficulty and scale of the world's largest tunnel project, the project on January 2011 officially started, celic engineering company to undertake the waterproof project of the West Island tunnel, the island of oyster shell, length 625M, width 190m, area of 97 thousand square meters.

The upper section of the island on the West Island of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge can be divided into a buried section, a light section and an open section. According to the design requirements to meet the water in the tunnel spraying polyurea waterproof coating. As soon as possible with submarine tunnel linking condition, celic in December 2012 approach, first on the buried section at the eastern end of 51.7m (K12+588.000~K12+639.700) on the island of cast-in-situ structure to meet the water spraying polyurea waterproof layer construction, the remaining segments will be based on the progress of civil sectional construction of polyurea waterproof layer.