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Guangzhou psylic undertake the largest "Air Park" waterproof Engineering

Release time:2016-11-22

The town of Dongpu belongs to Guangzhou Tianhe District, surrounding and convenient transportation, green duobu. The plan is located in the southeast of Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Whampoa  North East Financial Avenue and around the city of Guangzhou south high-speed intersection, south of Whampoa  Avenue, East Village, the location is superior, from Metro Line 5 Dongpu station only 300 meters.

The construction of municipal renovation, demolition of the original orbit far, covering more ramp will be, 13 New Interchange, and Zhongshan Avenue, Whampoa  Avenue traffic conversion at the same time, while the release of more than 70 thousand square meters of land. Plots in Guangzhou, the main road, green space and a small amount of residential land, the surrounding residential land based.

According to the program adopted before, the transformation of the Dongpu overpass will have an area of 5 hectares, across the road cover, green area of up to 3.03 hectares, greening rate of 60%. The section of about 400 meters long road will become a closed tunnel, while the above platform will become a city park, residential concentrated on both sides of the road, planning to increase the number of people living after the adjustment of 8440.

We are laying on the waterproof psylic "Air Park" project of intensive construction. Construction area of about 45 thousand square meters, waterproof construction is expected to be completed by the end of. The use of SZG-807APP engineering plastic asphalt waterproofing materials as engineering materials, APP modified asphalt waterproofing membrane with high quality asphalt adding atactic polypropylene (APP) or polyolefin polymers (APAO, APO) modified resin, the special material is configured to process the polymer modified asphalt material, in the enhanced matrix, covering various surface materials together. The utility model can be widely used in various fields and types, and the waterproof grade is I.ll grade waterproof engineering, which is most suitable for the waterproof, moisture-proof and seepage prevention of the roof, basement, tunnel, water conservancy and other engineering tunnels of industrial and civil buildings.