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Company profile

Psylic (Stock Code: 831594), is China building waterproofing industry third listed public companies in Guangdong Province, building waterproofing industry first stock. Sunlight is a comprehensive science and technology enterprise specialized in waterproof materials research and development, production and sales as one of the enterprises, is the production of waterproof materials in Southern China area is the largest, Chinese building waterproof Association member units, twenty companies Chinese building waterproofing industry, 3A grade credit enterprise, the first batch of affordable housing construction waterproof material quality the supplier, and the Ministry of science and technology was recognized as the national high-tech enterprises.

Psylic positive response to the national industrial policy, is the first in Guangdong province in Chemical Industrial Park waterproof material factory in strict accordance with the requirements of national enterprises, chemical enterprises of design and construction, the enterprise covers an area of 50 thousand square meters, a project with multifunctional coil domestic advanced production lines and environmental protection waterproof coating production line, with 20 million square meters of waterproofing materials and paint the annual production capacity of 20 thousand tons. Is the construction of the two phase of the project will have a leading polymer membrane production line, polymer adhesive membrane waterproof coating production line, a total of 3 production lines, with 10 million square meters of membrane and coating the annual production capacity of 20 thousand tons.

The company's products are widely used in various types of building roof, basement, swimming pool, as well as bridges, subways, tunnels and other large public facilities waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, seepage control works. The typical performance of Guangzhou metro, Suzhou metro, Guangzhou landmark - Pearl, HZMB Island, Shenzhen. The Dayawan nuclear power station, China power construction real estate, real estate, XinDa Renheng estates etc..   psylic can provide from design to one-stop technical services advisory team and professional construction team involved in the entire process, easy to solve all kinds of waterproof, leakage and other problems. Protect the building, peace of mind.

The first to enter the new three board innovation layer enterprise

In May 2016 three new board classification standards formally implemented, as of June this year, the new board has more than 9000 enterprises, only about 10% better qualified enterprises in the future to obtain liquidity innovation, improvement and higher valuation.Investment sector on June 18 announced the new three board innovation layer list, the stock transfer system preliminary screening list shows a total of 920 companies nominated innovation layer, ranked among them.